Hey, I am Enzo Innocenzi.
Full-stack web developer, from France.
I am passionate about development — I love automating things, modern technologies and good developer experience.

I am a perfectionist. I pay attention to details, because I love when things look good and professionnal. I am also self-taught, and I never stop learning.


Everyone has a favorite stack. Here's mine.

The most popular PHP framework. Super pleasant to work with, extremely active ecosystem.

Tailwind CSS

A low-level, utility-first CSS framework. One of the best tools available in the modern web. It made me appreciate front-end.


A progressive, versatile, and performant JavaScript framework, with a very active ecosystem and incredible developer experience.


A monolith library for making server-driven single page applications.

Other technologies I work with

Here is a list of other tools I am familiar with.
If you want to reach out to me, feel free to send an email.